Monday, October 20, 2008

Boogie Night and stuff

Saturday night Phil and I got to represent our branch at the 5-stake dance in B'ham. At first I wasn't really too thrilled about it but it turned out to be a really fun night. None of our YW went but three YM went with us. They were so cute and funny on the drives to and fro. I had them each practice asking a girl to dance and it was cute to hear their favorite "lines." We all agreed that just being straight forward was probably the way to go. We stopped at Hardees (their choice) for dinner on the way there.

Once there, the boys went their way (but would check back with us with comments like "did you see me dancing with that girl?" or "I was so nice, I said 'yes' to a girl when she asked me to dance." or "did you see/hear me singing that Spice Girls song?" so cute). Phil and I were in charge of the refreshment table (just keeping it stocked).

When we weren't mixing punch or filling up plates with cookies, we danced! It was so much fun to dance with my hunny. We are so totally ready to hit the dance floor at USU's Homecoming Dance this Friday. Oh yeah!

It turned out to be a fun "date" with my man. The boys were just as silly - nay, sillier - on the way home. One of them said, "well, you were funny on the way so we get to be funny on the way home." Fair enough.

Charlotte (one of my counselors) watched Eden for us. She was also watching her grandson who is about the same age so they had a nice time playing together and then Charlotte brought her home to go to bed.

Sunday was good. Eden was such a chatterbox during Sacrament meeting. I couldn't get her to quit her running commentary on all that was going on. In other Eden-news, she has started saying "ahnkoo" (thank you) whenever we do anything for her. It is so adorable. We hadn't tried to teach her that and it is a little less clear than most of her words are so I hadn't realized that is what she was saying until Phil pointed it out to me. She is just so fun and funny.

I have a good life!

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Alisha said...

I'm glad you all had a good time! Nothing like a stake dance to bring out the "teen" in you!

xunil2 said...

Props to Phil for being the kind of guy who dances.

I'm far too self-conscious and self-critical to dance in front of anyone.

Bamamoma said...

It is like I told Phil: We are old. We are by definition nerds, geeks, stupid-looking, etc. Therefore, there is nothing we can do to be cool. Knowing that we are totally free from having to try! Voila, a very freeing philosophy!

Kathy said...

Ahhh, memories. I don't think our gang ever missed a stake dance. And we were nerds, geets, and stupid-looking then, so I can't imagine a whole bunch has changed. Glad you guys had a great time!

Kathy said...

Whoops, should say "geeks." Oh, well. We just call that creative spelling!

Motherboard said...

I have not met anyone with the name of Eden... except my baby. Pretty cool!