Tuesday, October 14, 2008

eeeoooh, ucky, ucky!

Today we got back from our walk and I put Eden in front of the TV with her Blues Clues DVD and I proceeded to the shower. Ahh, five whole minutes of warm bliss (until Eden finds her way into the bathroom and opens the shower curtain).

After I got dressed we headed into the kitchen for lunch (it was a long walk).

Then I saw something on the floor.
It looked like a barrette or something so I bent down to pick it up when low and behold I saw that it was


a barrette!

It was


on it's back

still alive!

Eden and I sprayed it and disposed of it but not before we each said eeeooooh, ucky, ucky
several times.

Actually, she wouldn't even come into the family room until it was disposed of.
That's my girl!

2 response(s):

Layne said...

Sic semper blattaria!

Jill said...

bla...i hate when that happens...wait that hasnt ever happened to me, but i would hate if it did