Thursday, October 9, 2008

From NED to ED or is it PED? Either way, we miss NED!

Phil had his first post-chemo CT scan and CEA today. The news is mixed. The CEA was down a point (yay!) but the CT scan showed "several" millimeter-sized nodules in his left lung (well, what is left of his left lung). Is it cancer? Is it a bacterial infection? Is it some strange thing that we'll never know? The plan is to go back in five weeks and have more CT and CEA. The CEA has been a really accurate indicator in the past so the fact that it is down would seem to indicate it isn't likely to be cancer but you never know.

To celebrate this roller coaster ride we've been on we are headed to Six Flags over Atlanta tomorrow. It is what Phil wanted to do to celebrate the end of Chemo. So we're going by golly!

NED: no evidence of disease
ED: evidence of disease
PED: possible evidence of disease

3 response(s):

Alisha said...

Yeah! Have a great time at Six Flags!

Charlotte said...

That's great news about the CEA!

I'm sure it's hard not to worry/focus/what-if about the nodules, but all three of you have lots of practice with having faith through ups and downs, right? You're practically experts. Hang in there.

I'll think of you in Six Flags. You bring back (good) memories of Frightmares. Have a great great time.

Jenny said...

It really is a roller coaster ride! My mom is having all her tests next week and will get results on the 21st. It really is just a day to day thing and you just learn to appreciate every moment! Which was one of my favorite messages of conference from Pres. Monsons talk. Thats my comment for the blanket--nice job! You rock! I usually cross stitch to keep awake, but I already finished my baby's Christmas stocking and haven't started another project. I'm projected out and just puttin' up my feet for a while! We are praying for Phil. You guys are amazing!