Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Crochet Give Away

I didn't fall asleep once during conference this weekend! I LOVE conference and so enjoy the uplifting and inspired messages but lets be honest, sometimes in the comfort of one's own home it can become way ... too easy ... to doze.

My trick? you ask.

Well, I have used this for a few years and it always works.

I crochet.

So in honor of conference and staying awake, leave me a message about your impressions of conference and you might win this ( leave your message by Sunday, October 12th, at noon)

It is about the size of a child's blanket or a lap quilt for an adult.
Here is an up close and personal look so you can behold my crochet madness.
There is a cute little "rosebud" at each intersection.
Each square is a different crochet pattern.
Admit it, it is 'dorable and you want it!

As for me, I really enjoyed Elder Perry's talk about simplifying. Let's do it folks! Life is just too crazy and there is just too much of it that is NOT necessary.

I also enjoyed the talk (also on Saturday) by one of the 70 (and I have forgotten his name) about faith being a choice. I totally agree! I really have been learning that one. A year ago I was feeling pretty jumbled by all that was going on in our lives and I finally had to just decide to have faith. It wasn't a passive choice it was a very concerted effort.

I remind myself often that I choose faith!

There were so many other wonderful talks but I know you want to get to the end so you can post your comment and enter to win the conference crochet give away so I'll refrain ...

for now.

14 response(s):

robin_titan said...

haha interesting way of staying awake
: ) beautiful creations come of this great idea

Lisa said...

Why dont you keep it for the future?

Corrie said...

You finished that whole thing during conference?
I only fell asleep a tiny bit during the last session when my F-in-Law woke up and stopped snoring.
And I can't remember specifics right now, but I am making time for my kids was really good...and...I'm glad the talks come out in the ensign next month since I neglected to take notes for brain jump start reminders.

michellejohnnie said...

Wow! Yoy are fast if you did that during conference. Just wait until next year for conference. I heard one or two talks because I had two kids needing attention in loud ways!!! I remember a few years ago at your Christmas party, Chris got a crocheted colorfol hat that looked so silly. He actually wore to bed everynight in the winter when we lived in the barn. It was so fuuny on him!

Julianne said...

My favorite talk was actually during the women's conference last weekend, by Elder Euchdorf (sp?). He really inspired me to continue to be a great Mom!!

Alisha said...

I enjoyed Elder Oaks talk on Sacrament meeting...because I got to hear it twice already. I watched the first session while Jeff was at Priesthood then Jeff watched the first session Sunday morning before conference started. Conference as a whole was great! I hope I win!

Cassavaugh Family said...

Heidi, you are SO cool. What a GREAT idea! I usually have things planned to keep me awake but I started off so deprived of sleep that nothing seemed to help. We also were without water all weekend - see blog. Anyway, that is such a fun blanket! Have I ever told you about our angel blankets - hmmm I feel a blog post coming on - but not until next January when it will be very fitting. OK I'm rambling. Was the talk on Faith being a choice the one where he kept saying "he didn't know everything but he knew enough". I loved that talk or both if they were different. Now I'm thinking they were different. I also loved the talk on Unity by President Eyring. It particularly caught my attention maybe because I have such a great love for Elder Eyring but also it seems I haven't heard that particular topic at least presented in that way, or in a long time I guess. I felt it was such an appropriate and important message to be reminded of. How quickly we can change to outcome of things when we allow our choices to affect unity. But my vote for the best story was Elder Wirthlin's story about his daughter who had the blind date. I loved his message about humor. I have been so grateful that my children have a good sense of humor. I'm glad they can laugh and see the funny things in life and laugh at things even if its through tears. Humor makes life so much easier to bear. Seems to me you and Phil are good examples of this concept.

Kathy said...

My favorite talks from conference were President Monson's talk on living for today and President Bednar's talk about prayer. I struggle with personal prayer, and he gave some great advice on how to make your prayers more effective. Also, President Monson's talk kinda surprised me because it seems we are always being told that we need to look toward the future. It was great to hear a prophet of the Lord tell us that it is okay to enjoy today. Also, someone on Saturday morning talked about hope--I thought it was such a great topic for these scary times. I can't wait for the conference edition of Ensign to reread some of these.

Molly said...

I loved Elder Wirthlin's talk on Saturday. I just love him and his perserverance (sp?) through his trials. All the talks were great, though! Your conference crochet is gorgeous!

Curious Reader said...

What is this conference that you speak of? Is it a ritual that is part of your religion? Is there a way for me watch so I can still qualify for the blanket?

amy greenway said...

I knitted and also didn't sleep a wink! I did have to yell "Adam!" a lot so that he wouldn't sleep. Or, "kids, stop arguing about legos so I can feel the Spirit." :)

I don't know if I can identify a favorite. I usually can't. But I really enjoyed how many talks taught me that I need to stop internalizing my stressors and enjoy my life, be grateful for my blessings, and have hope for the future.

Cecily loves anything crocheted, so I'm crossing my fingers!!!!

Jen C. said...

I loved that so many talks seemed to be addressed to those struggling or going through tough times. My mother in law is struggling through the final stages of cancer and a friend just lost her husband in a tragic car accident. I felt so much gratittude for inspired prophets who are aware of the trials that we face and can seem to speak to each of us individually. I loved the messages of hope and comfort and all the reminders that God is aware of us and that we can feel Christ's comfort through all our trials and struggles.

Beautiful blanket! You are quite talented! My 5 month old twins were sick this conference, so my hands were full of baby the whole time, but I hope someday to have some talent that neat to be able to do during conference!

Jill said...

I am SO not going to win that cute blanket! But I will still give you my impression of Conference. I stayed awake for I think three talks! I loved every word though. In my defense I will remind you that I was 6 days post pardom, I'd been in the ER the night before until 3am getting an IV anti-biotic for a UTI (fun stuff), and was living on around 2 hours of sleep. Nothing soothed me more then the calming tones of our wonderful General Authorities. I LOVED the Prophets talk on taking advantage of the time we have with those we love. I woke up in time to hear and cry through that. I also have kept a quote that has helped me through this last week. It was given by the Young Wemons President. "Through Christ, I can do ALL things." Nothing is as tough and wonderful at the same time as having a new baby. That quote has kept me going many times. I can't wait to re-listen to all the talks on my computer as I fold the mountains of laundry that are surely in my future. :-)

lynl514 said...

I'm going to email you why I think I deserve the conference quilt!! You will DIE laughing. I know you want something spiritual but let me tell you this is one of the best "story times" ever! But it has to wait till I get back from the store. I need milk before it SNOWS...yes I did say SNOWS. Yuck!