Thursday, May 22, 2008

40 Things

Claire did a post of 40 things she hopes to accomplish by the time she is forty. Well, since I'm 40 (and only for one more week!) here is a list (in no particular order) of 40 things I DID accomplish by the time I was 40:

  • Speak in Stake Conference (did this when I was 7)
  • Earn my BS in History from USU
  • Serve an LDS Mission to New Hampshire
  • Teach early morning seminary
  • Earn my MA in History from MSU
  • Travel to Switzerland, Germany, and France
  • Travel to Victoria B.C. with friends
  • Sing the role of "Sarah" in the Forgotten Carols (you know the "Mary let me hold her baby" part) with Michael McLean
  • Marry my best friend
  • Remove and install a catalytic converter in a 1982 Toyota Corolla
  • Buy a house
  • Have a 10-year career
  • Bungee jump
  • Visit the Sacred Grove
  • Visit Nauvoo
  • Sing in a fireside at the Joseph Smith Memorial in Sharon, VT
  • Give birth to a beautiful girl
  • Take a cross-country trip in a moving truck with three brothers
  • Help re-shingle a roof
  • Travel in Italy
  • Hike the Narrows (Zions) - twice
  • Contribute to a 403B retirement fund
  • Heal from a broken heart
  • Teach a university course (two actually: Freshman Connections and Women's Leadership)
  • Survive Banner installation/conversion - twice
  • Have a blog
  • Serve as Phi Alpha Theta president
  • Win first-place at Phi Alpha Theta conference (for a paper about black, female, educators)
  • Compete in the regional College Bowl (in Boulder, CO)
  • Reupholster my chair (the chair that is now lovingly referred to as the "chemo-chair"
  • Serve as Relief Society president
  • Buy a serger
  • Go to NYC -thrice (once with Amanda, once with Charlotte, and once with Andy)
  • Help my dad through multiple health issues and hospital stays
  • Act and sing in multiple plays and musicals (including an amazing stage kiss) LOL
  • Attend a professional hockey game
  • Read The Book of Mormon several times
  • Play in the ocean with all my clothes on
  • Serve as Gospel Doctrine teacher for 5 years
  • Go to Hawaii with all my family (those that were in the family at the time anyway)
Stay tuned for 40 more things I hope to accomplish before I'm 80!

2 response(s):

Claire said...

Very cool!! Especially the singing the part of Sarah, with Michael McLean!! I met him when Cecelia was... 5 months old, maybe 6. He kept giving her kisses and asking if we could arrange a marriage between Cecelia and his grandson Bucky. He's a really neat guy! How cool that you got to work with him!

Jill Bearden said...

You have the best memory!...(for an almost 41 year but really, I wish I could remember details and events the way you can. You must be eating your veggies...just like Eden.