Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm just sayin'

I'm not really complaining (although this post may need a whiny warning) but our weekend wasn't the funnest.

Wednesday of last week, Eden had three little sores on her arm. At first I thought they were bug bites (we'd been outside the day before - working on our cute container garden) but after taking this picture and emailing it to my mom, we determined they were chicken pox (the pharmacist and pedi-nurse confirmed it). She'd had the vaccination the week before. The nurse had told us she might get a few pox. Yup - four of them. She didn't seem too miserable and wasn't supposed to be contagious but we kept her in most of the time anyway. I also kept her in long sleeves to prevent her scratching them. By the third day of long sleeves in the Alabama heat she just couldn't take it any more. As I put her shirt on she grabbed at the long sleeve and growled a frustrated growl. I think today may be the last day she needs the long sleeves. The other sad thing for Eden is that she didn't get to go to church and take the sacrament.

Friday of last week Phil went in for more chemo. He's been off for three months because of surgery but now he is supposed to have three more months of the poison (twice a month). The oncologist put him on a new drug that was supposed to help with the side effects. It didn't. In fact it had its own side effects (chronic, constant hiccups among them). Phil had a miserable weekend and today is the first he's been able to go to work. He's never missed two days after chemo (usually he doesn't miss any).

In spite of feeling miserable, he did manage to surprise me with a dozen beautiful roses, a couple of books, and a great DVD of Eden for Mother's Day. Obviously he didn't feel like making dinner (he didn't feel like EATING dinner until Tuesday).

Cancer sucks! ... I'm just sayin'

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Kathy said...

Sorry to hear you all had such a rough weekend--especially the sacrament thing, Eden. Bummer! Anyway, here's hoping that things are looking up for all the Bam-family!

Layne said...

Oh, you guys. This makes me sad! Hopefully things will improve.