Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Few of Eden's Favorite Things

This is Aslan (named after the C.S. Lewis lion of course!). He is the King of all the toys in Eden-land. Look at how rugged he is. This is truly a tough lion! Eden wasn't all that impressed though.

Lately Eden has really caught on to the idea of dolls. She calls them her baby. She has three baby dolls, lots of stuffed animals, and a set of nesting dolls from Russia. These are all called "baby." Poor Aslan has therefore gone from being King of the Creatures to this:

Oh, the humiliation! (The PJs on Aslan are actually some of Eden's preemie PJs - they are so tiny!).

Being a "mother" is exhausting:
Her sheep blanket is also one of her favorite things. She really is a girl, btw. I know she has blue sheets, PJs, and blankie but the binky in the corner is pink! :)

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