Friday, May 9, 2008

Life in Numbers

1 - Child (Eden)
2 - Degrees (BS-USU; MA-MSU)
3 - Sisters (Merilee, Heather, Emily)
4 - European countries I've visited (Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy)
5 - Teeth in Eden's mouth
6 - Brothers (Mark, Michael, Andrew, Paul, Jon, Josh)
7 - States in which I've lived (MT, AZ, OR, ID, UT, NH, AL)
8 - (and 3/4) Years Charlotte and I were roommates
9 - Years Phil and I knew each other before we married
10 - Years I worked for USU (post-degrees)

This isn't really a tag but I would love to see you do this too. It is kinda fun. You can do it in your own blog or leave a response with your life in numbers.

6 response(s):

Charlotte said...

1-Year since my wedding
2-Degrees (BS-SUU; MAcc-USU)
3-Times I took the CPA exam
4-Brothers (Robert, Jacob, Mark, Doug)
5-Months (and 1 day) until my due date
6-Voice students I currently teach
7-Apartments I lived in before I bought a house-not counting my mission (four in Cedar City, three in Logan)
8-(and 3/4)Years Heidi and I were roommates
9-Letters in my first name
10-Nieces and nephews I have on the Cantwell side of the family

Claire said...

1...month till we go to Disneyland
2...countries I've lived in (USA, Germany)
3...colleges I've attended (MSU, LDSBC, GCC)
4...times a day Cecelia still nurses
5...siblings, 2 sisters & 3 brothers
6...days that Scott and I spent together before getting engaged! I've owned in my 7 years of driving
8...years since I had my first kiss
9...teeth in Cecelia's mouth
10...pounds I'd like to lose!! :D

Cassavaugh Family said...

1 – Husband who is very good to me.
2 – Babies that my niece will deliver this week!
3 – Three children I have given birth to (Angel, Daniel & Samuel)
4 – Homes we have purchased since being married for 17 years (American Fork Utah, Centerville Utah, Champaign Illinois, Mt Pleasant Michigan)
5 – Blogs that I visit regularly (bamafam, cankids, garryandmindy, bryanandellie, mackenzie4family)
6 – States that I have lived in (CA, UT, NH, ME, IL, MI)
7 – Years I worked at Farm Management Company while Nick was in grad school.
8 – Games left in Dan’s little league baseball season.
9 - Number of nieces and nephews I have. This does not include the in-laws or the great nieces and nephews. (Katrina, Richard, Joseph, Krystle, Jonathan, Mindy, April, Rebecca, Camille)

Liz&Meg said...

2-daughters (the one in my tummy counts, right?)
4-years since I graduated from grad school
5-countries I've been to (USA, Mexico, Canada, England, France)
6-months that I've been pregnant so far this time
7-years I lived in Utah the first time (I'm working on adding more)
8-how many pounds my baby was (+10 oz!)
9-months I was engaged
10-years since I graduated from high school

Jenny said...

I love it! I think I'll do it too, but I'll need some time to be creative enough to do it! I responded to your cute comment on my can read it there, or just know that I'm so vain that I ALWAYS make time for makeup- no matter what!!

BamDaddy said...

1 - lovely, patient, clever (sly), intelligent wife
2 - 1/2 more weeks of May Term to teach
3 - years under my belt at JSU
4 - Honda Accords I've owned
5 - eggs in the small bird nest in our fern (wren?)
6 - children in my family - all sons. I'm #4
7 - major/minor abdominal surgeries - I need a zipper
8 - years I worked as a Graphic Designer at USU
9 - different apartments/houses I lived in in Logan
10 - countries I've visited - Taiwan, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Mexico, Canada.

Thanks, Honey. We're still counting...