Monday, May 19, 2008

New Arrivals at Our House

A few weeks ago, Phil found that we had a nest in one of our ferns on the front porch. I'd seen a wren flying in and out of the fern so I wasn't surprised. There were three small eggs in the nest. That night we had a huge storm and we awoke to find the fern on the ground and all but one of the eggs was broken. We were sad.

About a week later Phil and Eden discovered another nest in our other fern. This one had five eggs. Now we have five adorable (actually they are pretty ugly) new arrivals at our house:

3 response(s):

Layne said...

What precious little Skeksis!

Bamamoma said...

Ha! That's totally what they look like!

Bamamoma said...

Our birds are no longer Skeksis - they are adorable little birds who have now flown away. So soon!