Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blogs on RadioWest

Did anyone catch RadioWest today?  It was about blogs. What makes a good one? Why do people read them? Why do people write them? What compels someone to leave a comment? Are the good ones "snarky" and/or rude?

I didn't really agree with most of what was said and so I was wondering what my blogging friends think.  How would you answer those questions?

2 response(s):

Charlotte said...

I just listened to the program online.

For me a good blog is one that either:

1-Is written by someone that I know and like being informed about their life.


2-Is written in such a way that I feel like I "get" that person, whether I know them or not.


3-Is kind of like a reality show for me--one that I don't really relate to or identify with, but that I just like to check in with for the entertainment that I get.

As to why people write them, I don't really know. I write mine because I enjoy it, and because I know for a fact that my dad checks it at least 3-4 times per week.

I often leave comments on the blogs of my family and friends. I'm a little more shy on the blogs of other people, although at times the mood will strike me and I'll go for it.

I don't generally care for snarky/rude blogs. Often the humor on those kinds of blogs is quite witty, but if there's much rudeness at all, I don't feel good after reading it (or while I'm reading it, for that matter).

I didn't agree with much of what was said on the program either. Interestingly, I stumbled upon the guest's blog a few months ago, and I even read it for a few days before deciding that she was a bit too cynical (and her language was too rough) for my taste. I lost the website address, but once I looked there again today, I immediately recognized it.

Bamamoma said...

I started blogging because:
A) My good friend Charlotte had started one and it seemed really fun and so I wanted to do it to.
B) I was/am living very far away from most family and friends and it seemed like a good way to stay in touch.
C) I was about to have a baby, was dealing with the change of being a stay-at-home person as well as with the changes of being a wife and mom and it seemed like a good way to "journal" or vent my feelings about these changes. It was a way to find my voice again.

I read blogs because:
A) I only read the blogs of people I know (with the exception of Claire's - but I feel like I know her now).
B) It is a fun way to stay in touch.
C) My friends are really witty and funny and insightful.

I like blogs that are:
A) Real - I can totally "hear" Charlotte when I'm reading her blog.
B) Witty - Layne just cracks me up!
C) Entertaining - Pretty much all of you with kids qualify for this category.

I DON'T like snarky.

I don't really know what compels me to leave a comment - usually if I feel like I have something to add to the "discussion" or if I just want to weigh in.

I totally don't understand the "professional" blogger phenom.