Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not gonna do it...

Remember this post about the things I just don't do around the house? Well, this is a related post.

Phil is a fabulous dad and husband. He ably and willingly takes care of dirty diapers, food messes, and even boogers.* However; there are a few things that Phil just hasn't been able to tackle quite yet.

  1. You won't catch Phil cleaning the earwax out of Eden's ears.
  2. Although he attempted it once, Phil does not cut Eden's nails.
  3. Phil will not be the one who will stand by and watch Eden hurt herself (even just a little) just so that she can learn a lesson. (When she is playing with the kitchen or dresser drawers -opening and shutting them - it about kills him because he is sure she is going to slam her fingers shut in the drawer.)**
When you figure everything that must be done for a small child, it is really an impressively short list.

*This is a complete surpri
se to all who know Phil - especially himself. Probably the biggest fear he had about having a baby around was the whole idea of snot and boogers. One time (before Eden was born) we were at my parent's house and I was in another room. I rejoined the gang and realized that Phil was missing. I found him downstairs gagging. He had tried to be the hero and wipe my nephew's nose. He just couldn't do it without dry heaving.

**Phil can't stand young children to be in pain. I'm still not completely sure if this aversion is due to his empathy or the annoying noise most pained children make. One time his niece was playing with a candle and burned her finger. She began to howl. Phil couldn't take it and had to leave the care-giving to his brother Ken so that he could leave the area - away from the sounds of her pain.

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Alisha said...

Good thing he has a nice wife who will take care of Eden's ear wax and fingernails.