Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pee (yes, I just said pee)

Today during sacrament meeting Eden was sitting on my lap when suddenly I felt a warmth come over me. No, it wasn't the Spirit (although it was an excellent meeting - the YW were reporting on camp). I rushed out to change Eden. Strangely her bloomers were soaked, my skirt was soaked, but her diaper was only slightly wet. I think the diaper was missing the plastic coating or something because it was definitely on correctly (we've made THAT mistake before). The pee just cruised through the so-called diaper and gave me that warm feeling (not to mention that wet feeling).

Eden is becoming a bit of a disruption during church these days. Gone are the days (or so it seems) that she is content to sit on my lap and make eyes at the branch members around her. Today she was sitting on the floor in front of me. She began to make a wailing sound. I looked down to find that she'd gotten the hymnal. Yup, she was "singing." Another funny is that during the Sacrament (remember how she LOVES that!) she had emptied her small sacrament cup of water and was disappointed that it was gone. The next thing I knew, she was spitting into her cup so she'd have more "water" to sip (genius! - gross, but genius!).

And where was Phil during all of this? Sitting on the stand smiling down at us from time to time but mostly oblivious to all the fun we were having.

Good times!

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Alisha said...

I'm pretty sure that Trey was trying to sing a duet with Eden today. I'm with you on the amount of FUN the guys miss sitting on the stand. My favorite sacrament meeting moment was when Trey coughed, then puked all over himself, me and the pew...afterwhich Bayley began dry heaving!

Claire said...

Oh my goodness... I just laughed out loud and almost woke Cecelia when I read the spit comment. Wow... Cecelia and Eden would really enjoy church together. Remember the days when we actually got something out of church meetings... I'm beginning to forget that such days existed...