Thursday, June 26, 2008

More on blogs

Here are 5 people that I wish had a blog that I could read:

1 - Irene - she knows so many people and has so many experiences from which to draw, wouldn't she be a great blogger?

2 - Brandy R. - I love her insights about situations and people.  Hers would definitely be a blog I'd read.

3 - My sister Merilee - she sends these great long emails about the day to day happenings in her busy life (7 kids!) and I'd love to be able to go to a blog and read about everything that is going on with her family.  She is also very intelligent and it would be fun to read an occasional commentary by her. (We've discussed this and she is entirely opposed to blogs so I fear this is a lost cause.)

4 - Mary Y. (my previous YW leader) - it would be great to get more caught up on her life and the lives of those I left behind in Oregon.

5 - Sarah C. (my previous missionary companion) - she is extremely witty and has a way of perceiving the world with the kind of detail that most of us just don't get.  She should TOTALLY start a blog. Besides, she has a really funny husband and two adorable/funny kids.  It's a winning combination!

Who would you like to see start blogging?

6 response(s):

Anonymous said...

someday I will start blogging but when???? lisa b.

Alisha said...

I love blogs...I have a list about a mile long of people I would love to see blog...lots of friends from college that I have lost contact with....blogging really is a great way to get little snapshots of what your friends are up to!

Bamamoma said...

Lisa B - you must reveal yourself! I know too many of you. Are you my cousin, friend from the AP, or other?

Anonymous said...

lisa b. from friend from the AP

Bamamoma said...

Cool! Lisa B when you start your blog (which you should totally do!) make sure you let us know so we can read it.

chez brandy said...

Yeah.. so I created one... ChezBrandy.. now what?? :)