Saturday, June 7, 2008


Four years ago I invited several friends to join me in learning about the various issues related to the election. A few of them took me up on my offer. We met a couple of times and decided upon about 8 topics/issues. Then we each volunteered to become informed about one issue. That meant reading up on the topic, learning what each candidate had to say about the topic, researching what others had to say about the topic and the candidates' stands/proposals on that issue. For the following eight weeks we each took a turn to educate the rest of the group on each topic/issue.

When November came along, we were able to vote as informed voters (well, more informed). It felt good. We didn't all come to the same conclusions (Phil and I didn't even vote for the same candidate). Even those who voted for the same candidate did so for different reasons. The purpose was not to convince everyone else to "see the light." This was a strictly non-partisan exercise. I really liked it.

Now here we are once again looking at a presidential election. I have moved and don't have that same group of friends to help me get informed. Well, I still have those friends but I don't think we'll be meeting at Adam's Park every other Saturday through the summer. So, how about if we meet in cyberspace instead?

If you are interested in joining me in this activity of political awareness, leave a comment and also suggest the topics/issues that you'd like us to delve into (your suggestion doesn't commit you to have to become the "expert" on that particular topic). Depending on how many of you want to join in this and how many topics we want to discuss, I may start a separate blog for this enlightening and politically responsible exercise. So, stay tuned...

Let's get informed...ish!

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Claire said...

Oh my goodness! What a fabulous idea!! I would be all for it. There are a couple topics I'd love to feel more informed about... the state of our economy, and what the candidates plan to do to help it. Abortion. What constitutes a marriage... Illegal immigration... Just let me know when and where and what I can do to help. I think this is a great idea.

Cassavaugh Family said...

Hmmm this is an interesting idea. I kind of feel like I have been doing this on my own along the trail but now we get to compare two rather than a bundle. Not sure much will sway my choice at this point but I'm game. I think international policy and the war in iraq and military in general for starters. -- Sarah

Layne said...

Ooh, ooh, pick me! There are lots of things that I'm interested in/concerned about, including the nanny state and erosion of civil liberties.

LClark said...

I'm in, but you may have to assign me a topic. We did this in SLC a few years ago and it was beneficial- especially the discussion that followed the presentation of the candidates' stand on particular issues.

Conclusion: In many cases, most Utah Democratic candidates were not too different than their Republican counterparts on most issues. I think that we will find some of the same with these candidates.

Let's chat about the topics, issues, etc. A good place to start to choose candidates based on issues is and

There is also one more at USAToday: