Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Splurge Party

A month or so ago our scouts had an auction in order to raise funds for scout camp. One of the things being auctioned off was a Maurice's "Splurge Party." Well, I knew that I had to have that item for my young women. I went and met with the store staff that would be working at our party. I told them that I wanted them to discuss with the girls how to dress for various body types and how to dress modestly. I pointed out that for me "modest" meant nothing sleeveless and nothing that showed ANY cleavage. So, tonight we met and celebrated one of the girls' birthdays and then we went to Maurice's after they closed. We had an hour and a half to spend in the store. The employees spent time with each girl helping her pick out modest clothing that worked for her. The girls each had a private dressing room and then they got to model their outfits. We took pictures and as soon as I get them (it wasn't my camera), I will post pictures. It was a really fun evening. I think the girls all left feeling good about themselves and having had a good time.

Our last two Sunday lessons have been about missionary work. On Sunday the missionaries came in and challenged the girls to share the Book of Mormon with others. I brought two copies of the Book of Mormon and invited the girls to give one to each of the two employees at Maurice's. They did it. They were a little nervous but they did it. Way to go girls!

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