Monday, September 22, 2008

"I Sad"

Eden loves having a professor-daddy ... during the summer (when he is home lots and lots). She is realizing it isn't quite as fun during the fall (when he is gone lots and lots).

She loves her daddy so, so much. They have their own ways of playing - different than the way I play with her. He is willing to take her into our bug-invested backyard to swing much more often than I am (but I walk 3 miles with her to swing at the community center!). They water the ferns and pick up branches and sticks together. Between his calling and his teaching schedule, she gets to see him about an hour a day during the week and she is noticing.

Last night after a long day of church and meetings (she did get to go to Priesthood with him) he left to go do some home teaching. It was time for a bath and bedtime anyway but when he left she began to cry. Then she said her first "sentence" - "I sad, daddy bye-bye."

December will come soon little girl and then daddy won't be bye-bye quite so much.

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Jodi said...

Isn't it funny how in a loving way you find yourself "competing" with daddy. You love them and want them to love their daddies, but your are right dads play different and are willing to do things that mommys won't. Sometimes I don't want to give up nursing just because I feel like it is my last link to being the "favorite." After that is gone I am definately not the FUN one.

Kathy said...

I am so glad to hear that they have such a great relationship. They are both very lucky.

Jill said...

Wait a minute...isn't your husband in the same singing group as my husband? We never see Mike during December! That must have broke Phils heart! How sweet. We always tease Mike when he leaves and start chanting "Party!" before the door is all the way closed. We are just kidding of coarse. We love our Daddy around here too. Eden is lucky to have such great parents.

Bamamoma said...

Yeah, he is in that group but he doesn't have to do his full time job AND his part time job at the same time so we have less VM widow/orphan issues than the rest of you (except that other professor who is off for like seven weeks! what's up with that?). Don't get me wrong, the Christmas singing season is still crazy just not as crazy as it is for others and we get to be crazy together since we are all hanging out in UT.