Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Life in Pictures

It has been a while since I've posted pictures so here is a strange combo of pictures from the last month. Enjoy.

We had another dress-up party about a month ago. Here Eden is wearing Macy's veil. She'll be a beautiful bride (in 25 years!)

Our fair ladies: Erin, Kendal, Macy, and Eden (barely getting into the picture)

I bought Eden this horsey at Kid2Kid for $16! It is hard foam under the fur-like fabric. If you pinch one ear it whinnies and if you pinch the other it makes a clip-clop noise. So cute! She loves it ... OBVIOUSLY!

You can see that she has learned to love the horse (but not as much as she loves Elmo). Here she is watching an Elmo movie we got from the Library. After it had to go back we ended up buying an Elmo DVD (Elmo with pets - you know doggies and kitties! she is in HEAVEN)

I love this face, it just cracks me up!

Eden is a great eater!

This is Eden being very happy about the apron I made her. Actually, she does love it. This was the day she took off walking and she was really sick of me taking pictures of her walking.
"Just pick me up like the good old days (like this morning)!"

Our little artist - she is pretty sophisticated in her conceptualization and color choices, don't you think? LOL

This is a cool beetle thing that was climbing on our house. It is about the length of my finger.

This is a bag I made yesterday. The YW are going to make these next month and use them for scripture bags - their PP stuff fits perfectly in the pockets. Thanks to Amanda for the idea and pattern.

3 response(s):

Claire said...

Eden is so cute!!! And I LOVE that bag you made... care to pass on the pattern? I would love to do those with our young women. What a fun project.

Bamamoma said...

Claire (and anyone else) just give me your email and I'll pass the pattern on (I got it from Amanda - she is the one with Skilz you know!).

Porters said...

I have to agree with Claire, Eden is very cute. If she was my daughter she wouldn't be getting married until she was at least 30! My girls daddy was just saying today that whoever "gets" to date his daughters will have to deposit one of their most prized possessions with him until they are returned safe and sound.