Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sleepy Pants

Now I know that there are many creative-crafty people who read this blog. Like this one and this one and then there is this one (and many others). But I just had to show my latest creation to y'all.

The other night Phil was doing a "photo shoot" of miniature toys for the cover/liner notes for the new CD (Kid Stuff - if you haven't heard). So it is about 9:00 pm and he has set up a "photo studio" on our dining room table. On it he has various items that correlate with the various songs on the CD. We then realize that he needs a pair of jammie bottoms (or sleepy pants). Where would we find a miniature pair of sleepy pants?

I pulled out the leftover fabric from this costume (I made this for my costume box before we got married). Here it is being fashionably modeled by my indulging husband (this was just before our first Halloween as a married couple, he DID NOT wear this on Halloween but he very reluctantly tried it on to humor me - it is sized for an 8-10 year old - it TOTALLY humored me).

Back to the original story ... I got the leftover fabric, made a pattern, cut out the fabric, did some sewing, made a draw string out of some embroidery thread I had, ironed them (yes I even ironed!), and voila! Aren't they cute? (they are about 2 inches tall)
I'm hoping that the Voice Male guys will let me sew them all sleepy pants for the CD release concert. Wouldn't they all be oh, so cute? LOL

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Amanda said...

That is awesome. You have way mad skills, Heidi.

Phil is awesome to try that on and then let you take a picture and then let you put it on your blog!!!

Bamamoma said...

Yeah, the look on his face says it all! He was at Branch Presidency meeting last night (for like 4 hours!) and I posted this while he was gone. He wasn't thrilled about it when he saw it but he is good-humored and so there it is. :)

Lisa said...

I think Phil looks great on his clothes. Maybe he could wear it at work for Halloween Day. giggle

Charlotte said...

I can't believe you counted me among Amanda and Corrie as a creative-crafty person. Wa-Hoo!! I would NEVER classify myself as crafty. Creative, perhaps.

The pants are adorable. The picture of Phil is priceless. Our poor men, having wives who blog. Nothing is sacred. (Well, that's not exactly true)

Over dinner last night I told Eric that I had told the world about the fact that he's only changed one diaper in his life. Like Phil, he wasn't thrilled about that, but was good natured about it, so I've left it up.

Anonymous said...

I was distraught that I couldn't see the cute mini sleepy pants. For some reason the picture won't display if I'm using Firefox. I switched over to Internet Explorer and CUTE tiny sleepy pants! That would be kind of funny to have them all wearing sleepy pants for the opening concert! I think it would be a hit. :)

Phil you look ready to step into some strange SNL sketch... you are a good sport!

Cassavaugh Family said...

OK too many profiles on our computers. Somehow I was logged in under Dan's BigD account (he has his own comic blog page). That last comment was from Sarah. :)

Laura said...

Phil's photo humored me, too!

Don't put it on the CD jacket, though. Might be somewhat off-putting to parents who don't know Phil for the nice man that he actually is.

I wish I could be a bug on the wall to share your adventures and enjoy the fun...Oh, wait! I can! You have this great blog! :)

Jill said...

Phil doesn't look too "humored!" That gave mike and I good laugh!! I love all the different processes that it's taking to make this album! I TOTALLY think you should make VM jammie pants for their release. Even if it's just to snap some photo's for our blogs. lol Tell Phil I love the CD cover. I think the pants totally made it! Good job Heidi.

Alisha said...

Okay so we know you are super creative and able to come produce magic in everything you do, but come on now those are adorable! Phil is lucky he married a woman as resourceful as you!

michellejohnnie said...

What an amazing husband you have! I love the costume!!! He wears it so well. What I would really like to see is for him to wear those pants you made! That would be quite the picture. Another fun crafty blog is

Corrie said...

Fabulous Sleepy Pants! I think you should do an enrichment or be a guest Activity Days leader. Everyone needs to know how to make a pair of Sleepy Pants!
And I am so excited for the CD! It is awesome!
Noodles on my back awesome!

Layne said...

I was wondering where Phil got the pants for that photo. Good job, you! And I would love for them to do their CD release concert in jammie pants--let's make them do it!