Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some recent pics

Here are some recent pictures.

This first one is of Eden and some of her friends. They've all been swimming at Thorntons.
Eden really enjoyed the popsicle.

The other day Eden awoke, saw her sunglasses and insisted I put them on her (this is like 30 seconds after she woke up).
It cracks me up how she has her little ankles crossed. So cute.
This is two Sundays ago. She just looks like such a little lady. She figured out this pose on her own. She was sitting down while Phil took pictures and then she stood up and struck this pose.

5 response(s):

Amanda said...

That is awesome. Already posing for the camera. She really is such a cute little girl.

Are you feeling any effects from Gustav?

Alisha said...

What a cute girl! We love our Eden!

Claire said...

I just read your last three posts... Love the pics on this one, and the two before it are hilarious!! I loved the quirky facts about you. I tend to turn on the shower then wait for it to become the right temp before jumping in at all... :D And I love that you've been calling Eden Bambino this whole time!! Too funny. Also funny- I've taken Spanish classes in the past and didn't pick up on the misconjugation. Oh well! Just shows that I didn't learn much from those classes!

michellejohnnie said...

She looks amazing in sunglasses. Looks like a movie star!

cally said...

I love having a face for baby Eden! She would love my van, by the way. Says Erin.