Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paid Forward - #1

Remember this post?

Well, I got one of my handmade gifts done and in the mail. Becca said she wanted me to create something for her cousin who was expecting her first child. She told me to think of a gift that we got and loved and see if I could make one. I immediately thought of our great diaper changing pad/bag.

I wondered if I could figure out how to make one.

I did!
I think it mostly turned out really well. I may have to refine my process and start making these more, it was pretty fun.

3 response(s):

Natalie-John+2 said...

Looking at this from Disney and thinking that looks fun! I only wish I had friends who were still having babies that would need me to make one of those handy things!! Hope all is well your way.

Layne said...

Hey . . . if you get the hankering to make these on a professional level, I know a guy who can get you a job there! Sweet.

amy greenway said...

I love this! My friend actually designed the original and I've loved it ever since. Totally practial, compact and CUTE! You gotta have cute.