Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tears and Kisses and Singing ... the Shoe Curse Continues

Remember this post?

Well, today Eden was wearing the brown sandals purchased at that time. I've decided there is a curse associated with those shoes.

We went outside and played (well, she played and I picked up branches downed in our latest round of storms). Then it was time to come in for a nap. Eden wasn't happy but I was firm so in we came. I looked down and noticed that Eden was missing one of her sandals.

"Where is your other sandal?"
"I took it off"
"Where did you put it?"
"In mine house."

She had just been playing in her playhouse/slide thing on the deck and so I thought that is what she meant. I walked onto the deck, looked, but no shoe. I turned the handle of the storm door and was met with great resistance. She had locked it.

After about five minutes of trying to get her to unlock it, I gave up on that approach. I left her crying and fearful and went to my neighbor's house to use the phone. I called Phil (who works 30 minutes away) and asked him to come right home. I spent the next half hour sitting on one side of the glass door with Eden on the other. We sang songs, she cried some, and we did lots of kissing through the glass. She was very brave (which, incidentally is one of her favorite new adjectives).

Then when Phil was about five minutes away, she reached up (without any prodding by me - I had long since given up on that) and unlocked the door.

We are grateful that is over.

Oh, and I found the shoe "in mine house." The real house.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Braxton doing this when we lived in our first house. I had a HUGE picture window in the front. Hewould lock the door, then sit on his little table in front of the window and smile at me. He was about 1 1/2. Usually after a few minutes he would come and open the door. After this happened a coupld of times, I started taking the keys with me when I left the house. She sure sounds fun!

Wendy Heaps :)

corrie said...

oh yes...I've been there too. Twice. Crazy stuff.

mary said...

M E M O R I E S .... this too will pass and you will look back and laugh someday! What a cutie & she has such great parents!!! You guys are just having too much fun. :)

Lisa said...

That's a cute story.