Friday, August 29, 2008

It's a Girl

I have posted at other times about how people (especially older people) assume that Eden is a boy (even when she is dressed in pink and even when they hear her name - they often think her name is Aiden, could it be my accent?). Well, I have another such story.

This week I took her with me to visit a woman whom I visit teach*. This woman is around 90 years old and lives in an assisted care facility. She's met Eden before but obviously forgot. On this particular day, Eden was wearing this shirt and I had her hair in two ponytails with blue butterfly clips. When we walked in to see Peggy she said, "oh, what a cute fella, what's his name?" My VT companion tried to explain that this was a little girl named Eden, but Peggy continued to talk about how cute he was. I just ignored it, I mean who really cares? Seriously, it doesn't bother me in the least but it does humor me.

Finally after we'd been there for about twenty minutes, Peggy said, "well you got clips in his hair! Why would you do that? People will think he's a little girl!" With this Barbara and I both said, "she is a little girl." Peggy exclaimed, "what? it's a girl? well I thought it was a little boy, I've been calling it a little boy this whole time, it's a girl ... hmmmm."

Just then Mary, Peggy's roommate, came in and Peggy explained, "it's a girl, I thought it was a boy and I couldn't figure out why they'd put clips in it's hair if it was a boy, but it's a girl, isn't that funny? it's a girl!"

Go figure.

In related news, I just learned that I have been using the wrong Spanish suffix in my posts.
Bambino = male
Bambina = female

It's a girl and I've been calling it a boy this whole time, isn't that funny?

*In the LDS church we take the call to fellowship and serve one another very seriously (or at least we should). Two women (a companionship) is assigned to visit every woman in the congregation (each companionship has between 2-5 women to visit). We are to visit one another and share gospel messages with one another. It is a way to extend friendship and charity. It is one of the ways we can be about the Lord's work. To learn more see here.

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michellejohnnie said...

Eden definitely looks like a girl, a very beautiful one, to me. I would have busted up laughing at that lady when she realized Eden was a girl.

Mom M. said...

It was sooooooo good to see Phil this weekend with VM. He looks great and continues to make the girls happy with "the Shadow of your smile". I laughed at your story..all I can say is wait until you are 90 and have a good laugh. My daughter was a "boy" also..had to tape bows in what little hair she had.
Love you guys..Lois (Mike B. Mom)

Anonymous said...


So, every once in awhile, usually on Sundays, I sit down to read family blogs and before I know it, I'm reading the blog of my sister's friend's cousin's neighbor's mother-in-law. That is what leads me to you. Although not in quite so many steps. You are my sister's husband's friend's wife! Jill Bearden is my sister. I am Sarah. I have a daughter named Eden too. One of your posts made me want to share this story with you. I have another daughter named Maya, who at almost 18 months wasn't walking either. I knew she could, but didn't want to. My doctor suggested bribing her with candy, but I just smiled politely and said, "Thank you." (But no thanks.) Well... to make a long story short, at my husband's prompting, we dipped into the candy jar, and two jelly beans later our daughter was walking and never looked back. (The jelly beans were distributed in about 6 little mini-bites.) Anyway, that's my story!

Thanks for letting me stalk you.:) You sound like a really great mom and an interesting,smart,fun person.


Bamamoma said...

Sarah, thanks for the advice. She loves food so that just might work. She is also VERY strong willed so if she's determined not to do it, well... Kids crack me up.

It is so nice of you to "stalk" me. I have heard so many nice things about you from Phil.

thanks again, Heidi

Xpuhala said...

That is the funniest post! I love it!