Saturday, August 2, 2008


Scene: Bamamoma and the Bambino are in their kitchen eating lunch. They are having very tasty (leftover) stroganoff and steamed carrots. Bamamoma looks over and notices that the Bambino is holding her plate in a vertical fashion and all the food is sliding down and splatting on the kitchen floor.

Bamamoma: "No, no please. We do not drop food on the floor. Now we will have to clean up that mess."

Bamamoma continues to eat her food and then when she is done she makes a PB & honey sandwich for the Bambino. She hands her the sandwich and the Bambino acts with great excitement. She then pulls the two pieces apart (as is her way) so that she now has two open-faced sandwich pieces. She then holds each of them past her tray and over the floor. She holds them there and makes eye contact with Bamamoma.

Bamamoma: "Don't you drop that sandwich, you eat it."

Bambino: (maintaining eye contact) "NO!"

fade to black

4 response(s):

Liz&Meg said...

too funny! smart girl, you're in for it with her!

Claire said...

Sounds about right... Cecelia has a similar way of eating. Thank goodness for dust busters and swiffer sweepers.

Cassavaugh Family said...

Ah yes, the lovely food play. Have fun! I missed having a new friday recipe.

Amanda said...

I think I have had that same scene at my house... except of course John isn't talking really so he does it with grunts and other baby babble.

It makes me wonder where he learns to make faces like he does. Hmmm...