Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tomorrow's a Big Day

We head to B'ham tomorrow for more blood tests, oncologist appointment, and chemo. If everything looks good with his CEA it will be his last. We recognize that we have been so blessed in both large and small ways. Sometimes I feel so ungrateful but then I wonder if there is ever a way to feel grateful enough. It is like the people of King Benjamin in Mosiah 5 who realize that they are forever indebted, even for the air to breathe, to their Father in Heaven.

One of the small (but is any blessing really small?) blessings is that Eden was so young when this happened. She has been such a good baby to allow others to care for her. She still is but she is also becoming increasingly attached to her parents. I realized as I put her to bed tonight that I wouldn't see her again until we are home tomorrow evening. That makes us both sad. I am so grateful for the good women who will be caring for her tomorrow.

Stay tuned, I'll probably blog some from the clinic. If the CEA is good there will be much exultation and if it is bad, I will try to have faith and blog positive things anyway. Y'all can help me find ways to do that.

Thanks, friends.

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