Monday, August 25, 2008

Tag from last February!

Last February my friend Sally tagged me on her blog. The problem is, I didn't know she had a blog (she probably told me and I forgot or something). Anyway, now I know and so here is the tag:

  • How long have you been married? 2 years
  • Who eats more sweets? Probably me but it is close.
  • Who said I love you first? Phil, although I coerced him to "express his feelings"
  • How old is he? 40 - and a dang good looking 40 year old at that!
  • Who is taller? Phil (by 8 inches)
  • Who is smarter? He says I am but I think he is - we are smart in different ways so I'm amazed by his smarts and he's impressed by mine. That works out pretty well!
  • Who can sing better? ummm, that would be Mr. VM although Eden prefers my singing.
  • Who does the laundry? Me.
  • Who pays the bills? He.
  • Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does and that puts him closer to the Bambino's room and therefore closer to a baby crying in the night (on those nights when that happens).
  • Who mows the lawn? Totally him (I'm allergic).
  • Who cooks dinner? Me but he does the dishes.
  • Who drives? He does unless he is on some drug that makes him impaired, even then he drives if I forget to make him sit in the passenger seat.
  • Who kissed who first? It was pretty mutual, he brought it up though.
  • Who asked who out? Well first he asked Charlotte out! Then he asked me out.
  • Who has more siblings? Me, I have 9; he has 5.
  • Who wears the pants? We both wear the pants (both literally and figuratively).

Now I tag Alisha, Corrie, and Delvonna

1 response(s):

Charlotte said...

What I want to know is, did you do a dance of joy around y(our) kitchen after he asked you out?

It hurts my pride excrutiatingly (sp?) to remember that I was just a warm-up for Phil, a one-night, one-USU theatre production distraction until he found his true love.


Okay--I'm over it now.