Friday, August 22, 2008

Too far?

What do YOU think of this? Did they get what they deserved or did they get off too easy (or is that "easily")?

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xunil2 said...

The punishment was just, however I sympathize with them. Many a time I have wanted to correct signs.

There was even a glaring grammatical error on a bronze plaque in a park in Bountiful, UT that I really, really, wanted to fix this spring. Sadly, I can't remember what it was.

Laura said...

You wanna know why this is so funny to me?

When I read the article on this morning, my first thought was

"I wonder if Heidi knows these guys?"


Bamamoma said...

Laura, that IS funny. CNN is where I read about it too. Hey, I wanna have clearance to view your blog. Plllease???

Charlotte said...

I think they got about what they deserved.

Speaking of people who were banned from National Parks, Eric knew some guys who went to Yellowstone, got suits that made them look like workers, and set up an metal apparatus with a wheel about 20 feet from Old Faithful. About 30 seconds before Old Faithful was set to go off, they started madly turning the wheel, faking all the tourists out and making them think that it was their work that was making the geyser go off. When asked, they even told a tourist that they came out every hour to do it.

They were escorted from the park, and banned from returning--I don't remember for how long.

xunil2 said...

THAT would have been a joy to see. My hat is off to those guys.