Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yeah, I married well

Just in case you needed more proof that I married an absolutely fabulous man...

Today Eden and I had a play date. We'd invited five other mom's and eight other kids over to play and for lunch. I had planned to make soup and bread. The kids were going to play with the dress ups and outside in our large backyard (if the weather was good). Well, hurricane-turned-storm-system Fay had made a mess of our deck and backyard (tons of branches and twigs down and leaves everywhere).

Phil did the dishes last night (as he does every night) and made sure to fill up my flour and sugar bins. Before bed he informed me that "I've set the dishwasher to run tonight so everything will be clean for you tomorrow. Your pots and pans are all clean." As if that wasn't enough, he got up this morning and cleaned off the deck and made the backyard safe for kids.

Am I a fortunate, blessed woman or what?

oh, and the play date was a blast! Thanks, ladies.

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Charlotte said...


I'm trying to imagine living in that kind of world, and I just can't do it. Amazing.

(Of course, you don't have a 5'5" alligator either now, do you?)

Bamamoma said...

I failed to mention that it isn't like he hasn't had stuff to do. Today JSU classes started and he has CD artwork to design.

Charlotte, it is true. I do not have (and probably never will) a 5'5" alligator from IKEA. Although when I told Phil about yours he said, "cool."

xunil2 said...

And so the gauntlet is thrown...

"Hon, HON, get over here and write about how much more awesome I am than Phil. Yeah, on Heidi-and-Phil's blog."

Seriously, I told her to. She probably won't, though. I need a more compliant wife.

Cassavaugh Family said...

Do men always make things competitive? OK so my husband is needing validation but I will not compare husbands! That would be comparing apples and oranges.

So for my husband's benefit, here you go, i throw you a much deserved golden star for your forehead. Two days ago he sent me an email during the day that basically said how great I am and that before bed he would give me a footrub no strings attached. That was a fun surprise. Its the little things. . . :)

xunil2 said...

Just for Phil's benefit, I'll have to say that I think he's an amazing person. Despite never having actually met the man, I respect and honor his accomplishments, intelligence and fortitude.

Keep making her happy, Phil!