Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You don't say?

The Bambino has been speaking so much lately. It seems there are few words she won't attempt. Here are a few examples:

We bought a set of jungle animal figures. She was excited as we unpacked them. When she saw the giraffe she exclaimed, "kitty!" and then followed it up with "moo moo." (Um, not quite, but nice try!)

Sometimes when she is throwing a fit (which doesn't happen too often) I will say "1-2-3, now stop" and she will (about half the time). I didn't realize how often I'd used this technique until the other day when I said "one..." and she said "two." I thought it was just a coincidence but she's done it multiple times. Today our friend Erin was visiting and she was counting (because three year olds like to count things). She started off with "one" but Eden beat her to the "two." Funny kid.

Yesterday the phone rang while I was changing her "cky" diaper. I said, "I wonder who that was." She replied, "Pa" which is her word for Grandpa or Punka. She was wrong but pretty cute.

While we were in NY she fell in love with her cousin Wesley's Elmo dolls. We don't have any Elmo things ... or so I thought. The other day (a month since she was stealing Wesley's toys) while she was brushing her teeth, she pointed to her toothbrush and said, "Mo." I looked and sure enough there on her toothbrush about the size of a pencil tip was an Elmo (along with other muppets). Somehow she is able to make the distinction between "Mo" the muppet and "Mo" the fish who has been stolen by a Sydney dentist (Nemo).

Ok, that is probably enough. If you haven't gleaned from this blog, I pretty much adore my kid and think that she is just about the smartest, brightest non-walker* there is.

*Yeah, she still totally refuses to walk unless she is holding on to me or something. The other day she walked all over Winn Dixie while holding on to the buggy (that is a cart for you non-southerners). She doesn't like to be carried any more, she wants to walk - just not by herself.

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Xpuhala said...

Your daughter is just adorable! It is fun to hear the stories of how she is growing up.

Liz said...

It was really fun (and surprising) to see you at Cafe Rio. Your daughter is beautiful. She has "light" in her eyes. Surely passed on from her amazing parents. I'm glad to hear that things seem to be going well with Phil. You have an amazing family, and a very bright, fun daughter! I'm so happy for you and Phil. :)

the Scism's said...

Thanks for a great lunch..yummo as Macy would say. I looked for the recipe you were telling me about and didn't see it on the blog--the lettuce wraps. Let me know if I over looked it. Our blog is john-natalie.blogspot.com or you can catch me at www.babyscism@aol.com. Look forward to then next play date.