Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So tell me...

What is it about Obama that you like? I don't mean the superficial stuff or even the semi-superficial stuff (like that he is charismatic). What policies that he represents make you think, "hey, I'm going to vote for Obama-Biden?"

On the other hand, what is about McCain that makes you want to vote for him? Again, I'm not interested in hearing some emotional response to him or an emotional response to his competition that makes you want to vote for him. What issue-based reasons have made you support the McCain-Palin ticket?

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xunil2 said...

I can provide a whole host of reasons why I plan to vote for Obama-Biden.

Those related to the abuses of the Bush administration:

a) I'm tired of throwing money away on a war that should never have been started in the first place.
b) I'm tired of political and religious ideology being imposed upon science and research (e.g. global warming, stem cell research)
c) A vice president who claims he is in both the legislative and executive branches and neither of them at the same time. Just try to get any future v.p. to relinquish that status.
d) An administration so frightened of dissent, it fired or neglected to hire people for political ideology and then lied to cover it up.

Related to GOP politicians in general:

a) Republicans are too concerned with pleasing the religious right, which just happens to be a minority in this country.
b) The republican line seems to be that the people don't matter as much as the corporations.
c) The GOP likes to harp on the Democratic party for its "tax and spend" policies. That is sure better than the "Spend and screw later generations who have to pay the multi-trillion-dollar deficit" policy which seems to be the GOP rule. According to the U.S. Treasury, China owns approximately half a TRILLION dollars in U.S. Treasury securities, second only to Japan. This is how we get away with spending billions per month in Iraq- we sell securities, which is essentially selling our children's future for the sake of corrupt politicians and contractors. By the way, we don't get along that well with China politically, in case you hadn't noticed.
d) Currently, the republican party doesn't seem to HAVE a platform, unless you call ridiculing democrats a platform. Oh wait, there's the 'McCain is not George Bush' platform as well.

So that's why I'm NOT voting for McCain. I'm voting for Barack Obama because he's worked for the people. Yes, he's highly educated and has a few bucks, but that is true of McCain as well.
Obama wants us out of Iraq, he wants to see health care for everyone (although don't hold your breath - that won't happen within the next president's term even if he and the congress support it), and he has a social conscience. To elect a man such as this to be our next president will go a long way toward redeeming this nation in the eyes of the world.

All that said, my biggest fear at the moment is that McCain wins, dies and we end up with an inexperienced president who was mayor of a small town, governor of a barely-populated state, and is just as paranoid and ready to abuse power as George W. Bush.

Yes we can -- Obama in '08!

Layne said...

I'm stymied by my inability to find enough worth in any of the four characters to allow me to vote for them.

So, I'm sorry I can't answer your question and I commented anyway. I find arguments for either ticket to be very spin-heavy and fact-starved.

Bamamoma said...

Layne, I totally agree. I am having a hard time sorting through the emotions of this election to get to the facts. I'm frustrated that all I hear about McCain is how he isn't Obama (or Bush) and all I hear about Obama is that he is for change. I need some substance not emotion. I was hoping that those who have found that could post a comment here, without all the emotion and telling me what one candidate or the other is NOT. I want to know what they are.

I'm sad about the state of politics.

Cassavaugh Family said...

The hard truth is, none of us can know Obama or McCain or Mickey Mouse for that matter, well enough to know what they are or are not until they are actually in office. Then it becomes a whole new ballgame! What we CAN learn right now is:
- what history tells us
- evaluate what childish and stupid things are flung during campaign times
- dig and dig and dig for the actual truths rather than the half truths or outright lies that surface during campaigns. That is hard to do.
- pray and ask for peace about our decisions and pray that decisions made affecting our future will not dig this country into a deeper hole than we are already in.

I would like my grandchildren to still say "God Bless America" because they are enjoying the blessings of what this country was formed on. I don't want them having to say "God Bless America" because the constitution is hanging by a thread because of stupid decisions of those in power. (which goes well beyond teh oval office) I have so much more to say and I’m boiling over with political issues right now so maybe I will have to come out of my political closet and start a 4 part blog about the BIG VOTE.

xunil2 said...

"I want to know what they are."

What they are is much less important than what they plan to do.

All politicians are liars and cheats. They all have strong egos and they all want power. Yes, all. Even 'my guy'.

If you want facts, don't rely on others for them, not the pundits, not reporters, not friends. Go read the candidate's policy positions, decide which candidate's positions are most in line with yours, and make up your own mind.

My hot-button issues are the Iraq war, fiscal policy, the constitutional checks and balances on power, and energy policy.

Neither candidate meets all my criteria, but Barack Obama comes closest.

Cassavaugh Family said...

OK so we have probably beat this issue to death but if you would like to read a blog on issues you can see: there is a current blog on there. I will tell you it is specifically written why he is in favor of Obama.