Wednesday, January 28, 2009

21 months!

Phil asked yesterday if it was ok to just tell people that Eden is "almost 2, because 21 months just sounds silly."

Yesterday our little Miss Eden turned 21 months. Here are 21 things about our little girl:

  1. She weighs about 25 pounds and is about 2'9".
  2. She says everything. There is not really anything that she can't say and often repeats things we say. She puts sentences together so well and is mostly clear in her pronunciation.
  3. She loves to sing. Right now she likes to sing Bouncy Ball the most. (It is from the Voice Male CD: Kids Stuff - available wherever LDS products are sold and on
  4. Her eyes are a beautiful blue.
  5. She loves her naps these days and on most days will tell me when she is ready for her nap.
  6. She has two baby dolls. One is named "Heather" after her BFF and the other is just "Baby."
  7. She adores her daddy.
  8. She loves Nikki (her sometimes babysitter and the Laurel President in our branch). Last night Nikki was over having a meeting with me. Phil was getting Eden ready for bed and then I said, "who do you want to rock you?" (meaning, me or dad?) and she insisted that she wanted Nikki. This morning when I went in to get her out of her crib she said, "no, Nikki."
  9. She loves being outside. She could spend all day swinging, exploring, walking, running, and playing outside.
  10. She has a little corner (between the wall and a bookshelf) that is her "hiding place." She likes to retreat to her hiding place when she is mad or sad or in trouble or just to play hide and seek.
  11. She loves hats. As I type, she has brought me three different dress up hats to put on.
  12. Possibly her favorite toy right now is her toy stroller. She loves to take Heather and Baby and Elmo and any other toy for a ride around the house.
  13. When I'm putting the clean laundry away, she grabs her stroller and says, "helper, helper." I then put the socks in the stroller and she strolls into the bedroom and she puts each of our socks away in the correct drawers.
  14. Her new favorite cleaning chore is dusting. We have a blue duster. Quite often she will ask for "blue." When she says, "I need blue," it means that she wants the blue duster and then she goes around the house dusting things.
  15. She has 12 teeth and her hair is honey blond and a little wavy.
  16. She fills her diaper (and not just with the clear stuff) every time she visits Corrie. She just feels really comfortable at Corrie's house.
  17. She LOVES food. She eats almost anything and is really good at feeding herself (although she did end up with a spoonful of oatmeal on her lap this morning).
  18. She is incredibly smart and puts concepts and words together in ways that just amaze me.
  19. She loves "Madeline and butter sanwiches." These are banana and peanut butter sandwiches. Her (12 year old) friend, Madeline, eats them and so she has named them after her.
  20. She has two mommies. Me and Alisha. If I remind her that I am her mommy she will clarify that she means "Trey's mommy."
  21. She loves the cell phone. The other day she called her grandpa and talked to him for three minutes before Phil and I realized she had actually called him for real.
We love our girl who is "almost two!"

7 response(s):

Layne said...

Oh, age in months. A peeve of mine. It sounds so smurfy.

corrie said...

I love you almost two girl too!

Jodi said...

What an amazing little girl. I am not really surprised--you and Phil made a perfect combo of all your amazing traits.

I was laughing at her weight. I think Rider (8mos.) weighs almost as much as she does. Yikes!

Alisha said...

Almost 2 going on a lot older...that girl is SO smart!

Jenny said...

I love that age! They are so stinkin' cute- even when they are naughty. Its a great stage that will be gone before you know it!- ENJOY!

Jill said...

I love this age two. I'm glad you are enjoying her to the fullest. What a lucky little girl she is to have such wonderful parents. Oh, and tell Layne that we HAVE to do age by months because there is a huge difference between 1 month and 7 months and 18 months and 24 months. :-) I think you are ok to use months until after two.:-)

Well, gotta run, my 120 month old, my almost 96 month old, my 60 month old, and my 16 week old need me right

michellejohnnie said...

21 months is totally appropriate to say! She is a fuuny little girl!