Friday, January 23, 2009

Dating Diaries - Diaper Odor

Heidi Beck had had terrible days before.

But as the awful diaper scent burned her nostrils, she realized this date was too awful to shrug off.

Beck, 21, a senior from Blue Springs, Mo., majoring in home and family life, looked around the hospital emergency room and found it difficult to believe the evening had started as a relatively normal date, she said.

Granted, she said the BYU linebacker who had picked her up several hours earlier seemed excessively playful. Still, being tossed around like a rag doll by a jovial giant was not as painful or annoying as going hungry all night because your date did not think dinner was important, Beck said.

Unfortunately, she said both circumstances applied.

Beck said dinner was replaced by a rousing series of slides down Rock Canyon hill in garbage cans - not exactly the activity of dating champions.

During the tandem sliding event, Beck said she was convinced her life would be snuffed out by her 300 pound companion. Instead, the other girl on the group date almost had the honor.

"I was covered in poo from diapers in the garbage can," Beck said. "And the other girl broke her collarbone."

The remainder of the evening was spent in the emergency room, where Beck said she would never date again, unless her date would take her to dinner and help her avoid smelly unpleasantness.

Editors Note: although my maiden name is Heidi Beck, this actually isn't my story. It is another Heidi Beck that I just randomly came across on the internet. It made me laugh and I thought it was a perfect post for dating diaries.

3 response(s):

corrie said...

MmmmHmmm. Sure. Sounds like your dates.

Jill said...

LOL..I am wondering if the name Heidi Beck is destine to live a life of miserable dates! I'll have to remember when Jack is older that if he ever dates a girl named Heidi Beck he is to make it the best date ever! This Curse must END!lol..

Alisha said...

Seriously?? I love dating diaries, because it sure makes my dating life seem very dull!