Friday, January 9, 2009

Conjunction Junction What's Your Function?

If you want smart kids you gotta raise them right.
You need smart DVDs.
You need School House Rock, duh!

Lately (as in yesterday and today) Eden has been very aware of the conjunction "and."

Last night as I was saying the prayer over dinner she interjected into my thank thees:
"and kitties"
"and doggies"
After I had sufficiently thanked Heavenly Father for these most important mammals she was fine.

Today at the store I was buying a bunch of folders for New Beginnings. These are brightly colored folders. She kept saying:
"I need orange."
"and purple."
"and lellow."

After her nap this afternoon she informed me that she needed to see Corrie (it IS her birthday after all)
"and Erin"
"and Carter, funny" (yeah, Carter is funny!)

For my next trick I will teach her the process of a bill becoming a law...

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Jill said...

lol...She is a little cutie! Don't you just love this age? It's one of my favorite times. Let's hope she grows out of the AND phase before she can write her own Christmas lists. :-)

xunil2 said...

Do I get extra credit for reading the title and immediately singing to myself: "Hooking up words and phrases and clauses"

corrie said...

Maddie and I were going on a walk and talking about some book we were both reading. She said "yes, But Mom..." I said "Did you just call me 'Butt Mom'" (thinking I was being funny). She said "I didn't mean the buttox kind...I meant the conjunction." She makes me laugh.

Jodi said...

So, I have to know what the brightly colored folders are for. I am such a dud YW Pres. I need to channel my inner Heidi and get on the ball. We have New Beginnings on Feb. 3. We only have 8 girls (2 Laurels, 1 Miamaid, 5 Beehives). I know you are super busy and only if you have time to share. petersenjatbyuidotedu.

Soren and Kilee Nickels said...

You have a very clever daughter. Wish we could see more of it in person. Thanks for sharing, she is so fun!

Alisha said...

She is a very smart girl and very observant.