Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts on the Inauguration

"Peaceful transfer of power"

Those are pretty amazing words. What an amazing and inspiring event. Think about it. From the earliest governments the transfer of power has most often been anything but peaceful. I cite just a few:
Saul and David
Bloody Mary and Elizabeth
The Entire book of Ether
Most 3rd World Countries

I truly love that as heated and partisan as the politics get in this country, we do have peaceful transfer of power every 4 or 8 years.

It makes me proud.

I was less than proud to hear the booing of people when Bush and Cheney arrived at the inauguration. Come on people, they are still our leaders and they are headed out. Class it up guys.

I don't remember any other inauguration that received so much attention. We had a day of doctors and other things that kept us out and about and yet everywhere I went there was a television with inauguration coverage showing. People were talking about it. I felt a general sense of excitement and hope.

I'm glad that most people (regardless of politics) are hoping for good things from this new administration. Many are praying for Obama's success.

I love this country!

2 response(s):

Laura said...

My sentiments exactly.
I tried to touch on those ideas on my blog yesterday, but you did a much better job in putting it all together.

Hooray for the USA!

Cassavaugh Family said...

I was lucky enough to not have many places to be Tuesday and was able to have the TV and internet going with all the coverage. I found it a very emotional day. There is an incredible and indescribable feeling that comes when you sense a larger than usual number of people both from our country and out, from ALL walks of life gathering for one purpose with real hope and anticipation.

I am glad there are those praying for Obama's success even when they might not have voted that way. I doubt we would ever hear these particular words from him but his demeanor says to me that he might say in response "thank you for the prayers on my behalf but we all must do our part and so we need to pray for each other." I think we need to pray as well for those who have some strange sense of satisfaction in wishing for failure in any sense.