Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Little Lady of the Fireplace

Lately when I tell Eden I want to take her picture, she runs over to the fireplace and sits on the hearth for her posing. She is so funny.

Isn't she looking grown up?
She has been allowing me to do her hair lately.

Ready for church in her new dress and jacket:

She got these new black shoes for Christmas:

Not by the fireplace but Phil took this picture
of her sleeping because it just cracks us up
how she gets wrapped up in her blankets. So cute!

4 response(s):

Amanda said...

She does look so grown up. Can you believe she will be 2 in a few months? I can't!!!

She seems to have such a fun personality. Too bad we don't live closer!

Charlotte said...

What a CUTIE!

I'm impressed with your talent with her hair. Heaven help Heather when it comes to that.

Kathy said...

Very, very cute, grown-up girly!!

Cassavaugh Family said...

She is so adorable, especially in that jacket with the dress. What a fun little girl.