Saturday, January 3, 2009


My apologies to the passengers of Southwest flight 3190 (SLC to Chicago-Midway). Yes, the child who screamed the entire time is my child. I know that she seemed unreasonable and spoiled every time she yelled, "no, no, no!" I know that my husband and I appeared incompetent. I'm sure that your flight was exhausting. In fact, someone watching us all deplane at the gate queried, "why is everyone heaving a sigh when they get off this flight." My simple answer is: "Eden."

Here is the thing though, my daughter is usually a very good traveler. This time however, she was sick*. I tried to reschedule** things so that we wouldn't have to fly while she was feeling so poorly, but that didn't work out.

So that you can have a more accurate image of my sweet, good, daughter, here are some pictures of just how cute and sweet she is.

These two pictures are of the lambs in our family Nativity pageant.
Eden and her cousin Brinley were excellent little lambs
(although having played the role of Mary earlier, one little lamb kept wanting to hold baby Jesus).
You'll notice that the lamb has a pet kitty - naturally!

Christmas presents are GREAT!

When she finally got to the doctor (after we got home) Eden was so lethargic.
She even fell asleep during the exam. It was seriously so sad to see her feeling so sick. So sweet!

*Phil took her to the doctor when we got home and she had an ear infection, terrible congestion, and phlegm in her lung. No wonder she screamed with the pressurization of air travel. Now, don't you feel badly for judging her?

**We had to get home because Phil had a chemo treatment scheduled for the next day. I called to try to reschedule it. I told them they needed to get back with me before 11:00 or we'd have to be on the plane. When we got to Midway I had a message (left at 2:30) that they had rescheduled the chemo treatment. Nice, but it didn't really solve my problem of not wanting to make my sick baby travel. It has worked out ok though because then I got sick and Phil has had to be primary caregiver all week so it is a good thing he isn't hooked up to a tube of poison.

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Charlotte said...

My goodness, do you ever help me put things in perspective. I went back to work yesterday, and after 2 weeks of non-stop attention from family members, Heather was a little shall-we-say demanding? It was frustrating, and after a few hours, I was bemoaning my sad plight and wanting to tear my hair out.

What a whiner I am.

Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Natalie-John+2 said...

I totally know how Eden felt and I am here to say it is SO painful to fly with any kind of sinus issues. So maybe she couldn't say it--but at one point during my flight with John to Chicago I looked over at him and said is there blood squirting out of my eye because it feels like there are blood vessels bursting all around my eye. I then proceeded to have a nose bleed. If only Eden could really, really talk she would have mentioned something like that i'm sure! :)

Cassavaugh Family said...

Traveling with sick and fussy children is always stressful. Whenever I'm on a flight now with a screaming child I just put my head back and smile that its not me this time. I couldn't have more compassion! I wish the people on your flight could read your post! I hope you are all feeling better!!! Sorry that Phil will have to be hooked up to the poison all too soon.