Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cold is as cold does... or does not

I went to the store the other night and NO ONE else was there. I couldn't figure out why until I realized the temperature was in the 30s. People stay home here when it is that cold. Yesterday, was a beautiful day. Sunshine, blue skies, and again in the 30s. It was the kind of February day that would bring great rejoicing and even some shorts in Logan, Utah but in 'bama it was a "stay-inside" day. Not for our little girl though. She was quite determined to play outside. We bundled her up and went into our yard.

We also made "slime" for the first time. At first she wasn't sure what to do with it. She kept saying, "boogers, boogers." Eventually, she decided it was quite fun.
On Saturday night we had the Thorntons and Baugards (the other members of the branch presidency) over for a night of family bonding. I love the look on Eden's face in this picture.
Someday this will be a good blackmail picture to show Eden and Trey how infatuated they were with each other. Look how they are gazing into each other's eyes.
This picture is for Charlotte. Not to make you jealous but to make you happy. When the inversion gets too crazy, just pretend this is outside your window.
Phil and his brothers are having a contest (of sorts) to see what fun movie characters they can each create out of a Mr. Potato Head. This is Phil's submission, the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. Yeah, my man is cool, creative, and clever.

6 response(s):

Jenny said...

What in the world did Phil make that lion out of?! I love it! Also, I want your slime recipe- I've never made it and I know my kids would love it!

Bamamoma said...

Check back on Friday. Slime will be the Food Friday recipe (even though it isn't food).

Bamamoma said...

oh, and Phil made it with the potato head ears, eyes, nose, body, teeth, arms and legs. He added some doll hair, sculpting clay, wire whiskers, a bow, and a badge of courage (printed out on paper by his charming assistant). I'll see if I can post a link to the site where they will all post their submissions. It will be this weekend probably.

Charlotte said...

Eden is a Utah transplant for sure!

Love love love the daffodil.

Alisha said...

Trey is infatuated with Eden...but then again all my kids love their Eden! Yea, it is way too cold outside to do anything. I don't think my kids know what bundling up is!

Ryan + Angie said...

I think it is crazy that kids love to play outside...even when it is cold! :)

That is the best Mr. Potato Head I have ever seen. Very creative.