Sunday, February 1, 2009

In order to celebrate...

Happy February!

In America, February is Black History Month.

Before I was Eden's mommy, I had a mostly-enjoyable career in Higher Ed Administration. Before that I was a student. I did both my senior (undergrad) thesis and my masters work studying the history of black America. Most of my research focused on the role of education/literacy in the lives of slaves. Much of my work focused on women.

To celebrate Black History Month, I will be posting an essay here and there throughout the month. I will still be posting my regular array of "Eden did the cutest thing..." and "Here are my thoughts about this..." etc. so if you just don't have any interest in history, don't tune out completely.

Happy February!

3 response(s):

amy greenway said...

Good!! I still want to read your essay on black women in history (or something like that, I can't remember exactly). I've thought of it now and then and look forward to reading it.

My kids and I were at the science museum the other day and spent a long time reading/talking about Harriet Jacobs who was a fugitive slave here in Rochester. She spent 7 years in a porch attic. There is so much underground railroad history here. Both heart breaking and inspiring.

Bring it on!!!

michellejohnnie said...

Thank goodness for blacks!!! I love them!!! I'm looking forward to Black History Month!

Cassavaugh Family said...

Cool! Looking forward to the additional posts. Did I ask you if you ever read Vernon Jordan's book called Vernon Can Read? I have been meaning to read it for years and maybe its time to push it to the top of my list. I'm finishing a book this week and maybe our library has that one. . . doubt it but I can try.