Thursday, February 5, 2009

This headline caught my attention

Roommate Deemed Too Incompetent To Clean Bathroom

Today as I was not wanting to clean the bathrooms (that happens every week) I decided to google "I don't want to clean the bathroom" and see what came up. I found the above article and it just made me laugh. I wish someone would deem me too incompetent to clean the bathroom!

(I only stalled about 10 minutes today and then cleaned the bathrooms, I'm kinda proud of myself)

3 response(s):

xunil2 said...

Gotta love The Onion.

And per request, I officially judge you to be incompetent at cleaning the bathroom. Take a break next week.

Alisha said...

I had more than one roommate in college I deemed incompetent to clean ANYTHING...I don't know many of us who really enjoy cleaning the bathroom. Isn't it funny what you can find with a simple search.

Jill said...

I hate cleaning the bathroom, but I hate having a dirty bathroom even more! I am trying to teach the girls to do it as good as I would like, but so far I still need to help. :-)