Monday, February 9, 2009

My Big Girl

Yesterday, I had to stay home from church to play infusion nurse for Phil. My friend called and asked if Eden wanted to go to church. Eden emphatically replied, "YES!" and so she went to church without her mom or dad. (I was able to get there by YWs and then bring her home.) Everyone reported to me that she was such a good girl. I can't believe how grown up she is getting.

The other night, I forgot to say prayers with her at bedtime. She very quickly reminded me. She isn't always very patient or reverent when we say blessings at meal time but she truly loves nighttime prayers. I still speak the words but she often will tell me what she is grateful for: daddy, mommy, grandma, grandpa, kitty, doggy, happy trees, etc.

Yesterday as I pulled up to the church the nursery kids were out for a walk (yeah it was nearly 70 - so much for our cold spell) and it was so cute to see her (she didn't see me) walking around with her class, being such a big girl. She and Trey held hands most of the time. So very, very cute!

She loves prophets right now. She loves to look through her scripture story books and point out all the prophets. She also is very intrigued with Moses. She tells us about baby Moses and then points to the tablets and says, "Moses book ... Moses, prophet." Her new favorite song is "Follow the Prophet." I'm just amazed at her ability to grasp concepts.

Being a mom is pretty humbling.

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Alisha said...

Church just wouldn't be the same without Eden least that is what Trey tells me.