Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weather Event

We have been on Tornado Warning since about 2:30 this afternoon. Exciting. At about 4:00 it began to rain HARD.

Then it began to lightening and thunder.

Then it began to hail.


Our deck is covered.


Eden and I are watching Tarzan and eating cookies. Phil is stuck in the hallway with his class. I made the mistake of taking Eden on to the deck when things cleared a bit. She likes the ice. Now we are having more alerts/warnings so we have to stay inside. She is not happy.

Come on, Tarzan is so cute, work with me Eden.


Before the weather event really hit we went to Hobby Lobby (or "obby lobby" as Eden says). Eden insisted on taking along her For the Strength of Youth book. She showed the ladies there the temple and the picture of Jesus. She cracks me up. She was talking to the woman behind us in line. This is how her "conversation" went:

Woman: "Is that your kitty?"
Eden: "Kitty, meow. Book."
Woman: "Yes, you are smart, that is a book."
Eden: "Head. Eyes, blue."
Woman: "Yes, very pretty blue eyes."

and on it went. It is true, most everyone in these parts seems to comment on her bright blues. I guess she just anticipated the comment.

2 response(s):

Charlotte said...

Eden has her very own For the Strength of Youth book?


Alisha said...

Pretty crazy! It definitely made for an exciting afternoon!