Wednesday, March 11, 2009

72 Hour Kits

With some of our tax return money, we are determined to update our 72 hour kits. Phil has one, I have one, and then we have a "bucket" of stuff that Phil's parents gave us. We are going to go through it all, reorganize, add stuff for Eden, and rotate out the food. As I've been researching 72 hour kits I'm learning that there are different reasons for having them.

I think I always thought of having one in case of disaster. I pictured us stuck in our home without contact with the outside world. Very War of the Worlds-ish. I hadn't really thought of having one in case we get evacuated (due to pending disaster). Of course, we want to be obedient to the prophet too and that is a pretty good reason to have one.

What are your reasons for having (or wanting to have) your 72 hour kit?

2 response(s):

Alisha said...

Peace of the last couple of years we have had many examples of people being put in situations where they needed a 72 hour kit. You know with Alabama's crazy weather we need to be ready!

Cassavaugh Family said...

Well, we may not dip completely into a 72 hr kit but if we do not have electricity we do not have water since we are on a well and no generator yet. Think of everything you use water for in a given day. . . We learned this pretty quickly when we had to turn off the water for a weekend when we had a leaking problem with our water filtration system.