Saturday, March 14, 2009

What do we need to do?

Each day after Eden wakes up from her nap, we go outside and get the mail. Today Phil got her up from her nap and so I thought it would be interesting to see if she remembered our routine.

Me: "Now that you are done with your nap, what do we need to do?"
Eden: "toot."

And then she did.

5 response(s):

corrie said...

you are kidding me! She is a hoot.

Alisha said...

Funny, funny girl

Layne said...

Huh. I remember a dinner not too long ago when the McAllisters and the Huffs were all talking about barf and poo at the table, and Phil and Heidi were acting like they were all grossed out, like they're better than us! Whatever, you guys. We can see that you're closet potty-humor-enthusiasts.

Natalie-John+2 said...

She gets her great comedic timing from her mother!! :)

michellejohnnie said...

She is awesome!