Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nature's Sense of Humor Strikes Again

For those of you with firstborn younger than my Eden, you may want to listen up. For those of you who have already traveled the path I'm on, laugh it up!

Let's be honest, after the labor-intensive infant stage I was really excited to get to the point when Eden would be willing to entertain herself for brief periods. How excited it would be to have her in her bedroom playing while I did things in the family room (you know, important things like blogging). That day came about a month ago. She was willing to be in another room long before that but only about a month ago would she actually spend some time in that other room without requiring "mommy, mommy" to come help, look, be near. Now she is quite comfortable playing without me.

Of course, just when that occurs, she is also quite interested in getting into messes. So now, she doesn't really need/want me around but I don't dare let her be alone. This week she got a brand new box of Cheezits off the counter (how is she that tall???) and took them into the (carpeted) family room then dumped them. In her attempts to clean up her mess, she walked all over them. Yeah, no more turning my back on this kid. :-)

Her punishment? She had to help me clean it up, including vacuuming. She HATES the vacuum. It still terrifies her. I don't think she'll be making those kinds of messes for a while...

3 response(s):

Layne said...

I hope you rubbed her nose in the Cheezits before you vacuumed them up. I hear that's a great teaching tool.

michellejohnnie said...

Watch out! Being alone is a trouble at her age!!!

Porters said...

That was a good chuckle, I am currently in that stage with my last. The only difference is mine has older siblings that have taught everything she "knows". She has also been climbing for a while now, so when it gets too quiet I know she's doing something she shouldn't.

Motherhood is fun. Thanks for sharing your experiences.