Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am sitting in Phil's office.

He is molding young minds.
He's also in the middle (well, the beginning of the middle) of a treatment so he is on drugs.
He can't be trusted to drive.
But he can be trusted to mold young minds?
I'm the chauffeur.
His class is three hours long.
We live a half hour away and so I am waiting.
I'm supposed to be working on my YW lesson.
I'm blogging.
Shame, shame.

Projects Update

Bathroom: same status as last post. The OTHER bathroom is in severe need of attention. It is getting all the use and none of the attention. I should really clean it tonight.

Dress: everything is done except the zipper and hem. She looks beautiful in it. Yesterday we went shopping and she got new shoes, a necklace/earrings set, and an uplifting undergarment. Clinton Kelly would be so proud. I hate zippers though. Guess what I'll be doing at midnight while Phil can't sleep?

72 Hour Kits: I bought a new backpack with wheels. It doesn't all fit into it. I have sorted the stuff into boxes: Phil, Heidi, Eden. I need another backpack with wheels. Maybe two. Is it cruel to expect Eden to haul her own survival gear?

Laundry: Resumed its position of prominence but although washed, it hasn't been folded. Guess what I'll be doing before midnight? I can't stand to have laundry unfolded over night (Phil, on the other hand, can't stand to have unfolded laundry for more than five minutes. He's a good man to put up with me and my laundry wrinkles.)

Roof: done by 3:00 that day! Yeah, those guys are finishers! I should learn from them. It looks great.

Other upcoming events:
Saturday morning: the Laurels and a few of their prom friends are coming for a waffle party. Phil is a nice, supportive guy to let me invite (actually they invited themselves) a bunch of teens into the house on the last day of his treatment.

Saturday afternoon: unhook Phil from his poison and pull out the needle. I'm such a good nurse.

Saturday evening: drive to B'ham for YW training followed by a stake YW activity followed by the YW General Broadcast. Of course the laurels will all be at prom but those beehives better get their little skinny bods there!

Sunday: teach a lesson about patriarchal blessings. This isn't in the manual but we decided to reserve fifth Sunday lessons for topics that we feel impressed our girls need. I'm not sure what the beehives are going to be learning about but the laurels are going to be learning about planning for the future now, including the importance of patriarchal blessings.

It is such a good thing that our lives are fairly busy. If I had time, I bet I'd be throwing myself pity parties. Phil's CEA was up again. We seem to be having a steady (slow) climb here. CT scan in a couple of weeks. That should give us some more info with which to work. Yeah, too busy for pity parties. That is a blessing and truly one of the tender mercies I count.

6 response(s):

Amanda said...

Wow Heidi! You ARE busy. You have got to post a pic of the dress.

You and Phil are in my prayers!

Jenny said...

Let me add one more thing to your list. Daniel sent you guys a little thing for school. You were the first out of state friends we thought of. I hope you don't mind the little request, and I hope it doesn't add too much stress. Definately want pics of the dress too! We love you guys!

Bamamoma said...

oh yeah, We also get to help Flat Stanley learn about Alabama and then find his way back to Utah. We love Flat Stanley and think it is fun being out of state friends/family to kids who send us good ole FS. He'll be in the mail tomorrow. We hope we don't disappoint...

corrie said...

You never cease to amaze. Love ya girly!

Charlotte said...

"It's a good thing that our lives are fairly busy."

Personally, I could think of a word that is a little stronger than "fairly".

Your faith, optimism and hope continue to be a great example to me. The three of us love and adore and miss the three of you.

Jodi said...

You are such a great mommy! Actually, you are just a really wonderful person. Your YW must love you.