Sunday, March 29, 2009

A couple of firsts for Eden

She got her first bandaid today. I know, she is almost two and hasn't ever needed a bandaid. I told you she was cautious. She scraped her knee yesterday and today it started to bleed so we put a bandaid on it after bath.

She went #2 in the toilet! True story. She flushed it and said, "bye-bye poop, see ya later." I'm not holding my breath for a repeat performance any time soon.

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Natalie-John+2 said...

Yea Eden, Yea Heidi!!! I hope it is the first of many "bye-bye, see ya laters!!" YEA!

Porters said...

Even if you don't expect any repeat performances, the first is always so exciting! Image me doing the "Potty-Dance" for both of you. :-) Your imagination I'm sure is way better than the real thing anyway, but my kids get a kick out of it.

Go Eden!!

michellejohnnie said...

Potty training stinks. Cadence went to the potty by herself at 18 months. Then she quit. She is 2 and 9months now and refuses to use the potty!!! I'm getting frustrated!